AdvantageTrust Overview

A division of HealthTrust, AdvantageTrust offers non-acute care providers immediate access to industry-best pricing achieved by leveraging HealthTrust’s $23 billion of purchasing power. AdvantageTrust presents the information in a way that is most relevant to facilities outside of a hospital setting.

We Make Purchasing Easy to Understand

Non-acute care facilities often have a variety of staff conducting purchasing activities. And, they're typically not supply chain or purchasing professionals. AdvantageTrust communicates information about discounts and terms in a user-friendly way that can be easily understood by anyone involved in placing orders for a facility.

The AdvantageTrust program was designed to serve non-acute care facilities that are members of HealthTrust. HealthTrust was started in 1999 as a group purchasing organization (GPO) for hospitals, long-term care facilities, surgery centers, physician offices and other organizations that promote health and well-being.

GPOs were developed to leverage the combined purchasing volume of all participating members and negotiate discounts based on that higher volume. The participating members continue to purchase, receive goods from—and make payments directly to—suppliers, with pricing and terms that have been pre-negotiated for the benefit of all members based on the volume of the collective spend.

AdvantageTrust offers small facilities outside of a hospital setting, both the leverage and benefits of pricing, and terms that large hospitals and IDNs enjoy.